Monday, December 26, 2011

                       5 STAR WARRANTY
                                  OUR PROMISE IS WE STAND BEHIND OUR WORK

We want your experience with Clean Cut Landscape to be a positive one--from our first meeting to long after the job is complete. That means you should always know where you stand and what you can expect from us. With our extensive 5 STAR WARRANTY, you can feel confident that we will do our best on every job and we will stand behind our workmanship and materials. Please read through our 5 STAR WARRANTY coverage for full details.

(1) LANDSCAPE PLANT MATERIALS supplied by Clean Cut Landscape will be warrantied for 1 year and one time replacement. It is an owner's responsibility to ensure adequate watering and maintenance of all plant material after installation and during warranty period. Exceptions to warranty include changes or damages cause by owner, fire, flood, insects, freeze and disease which Clean Cut has no control.

(2) RAINBIRD SPRINKLER SYSTEMS come with 3 year parts and labor warranty. Annual checkup is recommended to keep system in top shape at a cost of $125. Exceptions to warranty include damages caused by owner or anyone else which Clean Cut has no control.

(3) GARDEN LIGHTING SYSTEMS come with 2 year warranty on fixtures, LED bulbs, stainless transformers, and wiring. Exceptions to warranty include any damages caused by owner, flood, fire or anything else that Clean Cut has no control.

(4) DRAINAGE SYSTEMS come with 5 year warranty on materials and labor. System will increase drainage in specific areas.  Exceptions to warranty include damages caused by owner or anyone else that Clean Cut has no control.

(5) POTTED PLANTS are not warrantied.

(6) SOD INSTALLATION is warrantied for 90 days after installation in full sun exposure. Following a proper watering schedule is extremely important for newly planted sod. Exceptions to warranty include insect and diseases which Clean Cut has no control, sod that is planted in shady conditions, and yards with inadequate drainage.

(7) BLOOMS-- shrubs and trees may take 1 year or longer to become fully established prior to producing blooms. No guaranty for citrus or fruit trees. 


President/ Owner
Mario Boesch
Clean Cut Landscape